Ten things you didn’t even know about Sam Furphy

LOCAL NEWS: Alison Asanga
24 May 2016
Sam Furphy has become an icon to a lot of people for success but the rise of his fortune has been so quick that there is a lot of misinformation out there about his beginnings and life experience before he became the famous comedian from Shepparton. Here is a list of 10 facts about Sam Furphy that will present the truth to the world.fur

  1. His first job was working for the rail-road in Shepparton, Victoria. He was a baggage clerk from the time he was 13 until about the age of 20. It was here that he honed his comedy by practising his routines on patrons as he loaded their bags.
  2. Furphy’s parents were owners of one of the more profitable sheep farms in the area. There was significant conflict between Sam and his father, due to the elder Furphy’s desire to get Sam to take over the farm. Sam of course had other options.
  3. Sam is one of 11 children. He has 6 sisters and 4 brothers and their names are Annie, Adalaide, Marissa, Sarah, Jane, Clarissa, Steve, Jonathan, James, Peter and Allerick.
  4. Sam dedicates much of his spare time to charity, volunteering at the local hospital to assist in helping people overcome their illnesses. He reads to patients and makes them laugh because laughter is the best medicine.
  5. Sam lost the pinky finger of his left hand while riding one of the two giant slides located at a playground.
  6. For a brief time in his life Furphy dreamed of joining the military and was devastated when he was refused entry because of the previous injury obtained at the playground.
  7. Furphy is likes to perform his unique comedy while dressed as certain animals, cow, pig, horse, dog and of course a sheep because it allows him to feel closer to his roots on the farm back home.
  8. He was a vital member of the Goulburn Valley Suns Footbal Club for a number of years. He enjoyed playing a sport that didn’t allow the use of hands. He was their leading scorer for three years straight until the travel and fame of his comedy career made consistent participation impossible. His uniform number was 9. (The number of fingers he had remaining)
  9. Sam Furphy was not only a participant in athletics, he supported others as well. He is a current season ticket holder for the Shepparton Lady Gators Basketball Team. He is considering buying a stake in the team.
  10. Finally, Sam Furphy is engaged to his long time girlfriend, Grace McLatchie , who plays basketball for the Lady Gators. They are planning a wedding for June of 2020 in Shepparton, Victoria.

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